Technological breakthroughs in two different disciplines form the basis for our unique platform. With the aid of a plasma coating method, it is possible to produce resomers with a hydrophilic surface. Resomers are synthetic polymers with excellent biocompatibility. They are normally used for surgical suture material and resorbable implants. Resomers that are currently available are hydrophobic and tend to reject cells. By contrast, the resomers used by Bioenergy CellTec are hydrophilic and as such are especially suited for cell and tissue growth.

The second breakthrough is based on advances in stem cell and tissue technology. Researchers at our cooperation partner, the Fraunhofer Institute for Marine Biotechnology in L├╝beck, have established a method for obtaining multipotent stem cells from skin biopsies. These stem cells obtained from patients are grown in culture and can be differentiated into various cell types. However, an extremely significant aspect is that the stem cells also multiply in a skin regeneration model.

Bioenergy CellTec focuses on developing products which consist of patient stem cells cultivated on the hydrophilic matrix and which are used to promote and accelerate regenerative healing processes.